The AYERIS Mantra: Capture Truth.


Our approach to every wedding we shoot is simple, capturing your story as pure and unadulterated as possible. You are a living, breathing, loving, and emotional ball of wonder and beauty; and that's exactly what we aspire to photograph. The "you" that sheds a tear every time your fiancĂ© pulls you in closer for a hug. The "you" that smiles genuinely not aware a beautiful moment is captured within that. It's the "you" that only your truest friends and family know. That's the beauty we want to show the world through our photographs.  



Every story begins somewhere. Engagement sessions are an amazing time where your love and connection is captured before saying "I do".


This is the most important day of your life and the beginning of forever. Rest assured knowing that every detail of your wedding day will be documented beautifully.


 Coming back to your wedding day through live moments that were caught on tape. From happy tears, to the funniest moments, and laughter experienced throughout your day. 

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