Capturing Love Stories

We specialize in capturing wedding photography and portraits in Atlanta, Georgia and Destinations Worldwide. The philosophy that drives our business is "Capturing your story, one moment at a time". We believe that everyone has a beautiful story waiting to be told in the little moments of life.

We believe its our job to freeze those authentic moments in time. Sometimes those moments are just a smile, a wink or just a subtle, yet passionate stare at your significant other. These are the memories that mean so much to us all  that are so often overlooked on your wedding day. Capturing those moments are our focus on your wedding day. 


From Atlanta to New York to Los Angeles, we've traveled across the country to capture the love story of dozens of couples as they prepare to start their new lives together. 


We have years of extensive experience with location scouting in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles and lighting to find the perfect scene to make our blushing brides glow inside and out. 


 We understand how important it is to have the most important day of your life properly documented. At Ayeris, we take great pride in every single photograph we deliver to our clients to guarantee an unforgettable experience. 

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